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Hitting a wall, coming up empty, at a loss for words, spinning your wheels. There’s nothing quite as frustrating—save waiting in line at the DMV—than a creative block. While everyone gets stuck in a mental rut from time to time, this phenomenon can be panic inducing for those of us with deadlines to keep. But the good news is these things don’t last forever, and it’s possible to speed up the process. So, here are a few tips and tricks on how to get unstuck.





It’s no secret that Google Chrome’s third-party cookies are nearing their expiration date. For years, this method of tracking delivered information that led to better targeting, more impressions and faster conversions. But with concerns for personal privacy on the rise, it’s time to rethink this stale practice. Consumers want more control over their personal data, yet they also want to see relevant content which puts advertisers in a tight spot.
As always, we’ll have to be strategic. Here are just a few ways to navigate the post-cookie landscape:


  • First-Party Data: Using opt-in forms and pop-up screens, we can ask visitors to share their information outright. This can also mean asking people if we can save their passwords, user settings and other useful demographic data.

  • Other Identifiers: IP addresses, MAC addresses, pixel tags and more can be used to track someone’s digital footprint and build a consumer profile.

  • Contextual Marketing: This one is simple. Put ads in places that make sense. For example, if you’re marketing eyeliner, buy ad space in online beauty publications.

  • Cohorts: Cohorts are a way of grouping unidentified individuals together based on shared behaviors (like students who attend the same university). By establishing a common connection, we can deliver messaging that resonates with particular segments.
    At UPBrand, we keep a glass half-full perspective, and we’re approaching this transition as an exciting opportunity to improve our craft. Rest assured, we’ve already got strategies in place to reach audiences after cookies and keep our clients’ campaigns above the digital fold.
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A few weeks ago, we moseyed on down to Jalisco with the folks at Dos Primos. The goal of our trip was to gain an intimate understanding of the tequila making process and capture it all on film. Outside of wandering the picturesque agave fields, we had the privilege of talking with master distiller Rodolfo González and seeing tequila go from plant to pour. Follow Dos Primos on Instagram and Facebook for more.


Ranken Technical College offers a streamlined path to success. The faculty is comprised of industry experts. Courses provide hands-on training in state-of-the-art environments. And busy work? Not a chance. To illustrate how Ranken propels students into high-paying careers, we created the concept: “Ranken Works.” Then, we got to work ourselves and conducted a shoot at all three campuses. Take a look at some behind-the-scenes action here.



To Lynnfinity and Beyond
Lynn has a knack for turning things inside out to find breakthrough perspectives. As a veteran creative director and one of our VPs, her contributions to UPBrand have fueled our success in more ways than one. While she creates outstanding work, she’s the first to credit others and always leads with empathy. Here’s to eight great years and more ahead!
Props to PROPS
In her 12 years as a producer extraordinaire, Rachel has seen everything that goes on behind-the-scenes—and has handled it all with grace. She keeps us UPBrand ducks in a row by managing our to-do lists, moving projects along and making sure we live up to our standard of excellence in every way. Thanks for all you do, Rachel!
A Digital Demigod
Campaign reports, strategic ad placements, keyword optimization, you name it. If our clients need digital guidance, Chelsea’s got it. Her valuable insight boosts our clients’ campaigns above the noise time and time again, and she also happens to make the best homemade cookies around. Congrats on one year, Chelsea!



“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

– Jack London

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