Time for Another Round

This month at UPBrand, we’re looking at the ever-evolving digital landscape and what it means for tomorrow’s advertisements. Plus, we’re pulling back the curtain on some new work that’ll get you counting down to happy hour.




Privacy & Advertising

Nobody knows you like your phone. Every app, every website, even the maker of the phone — they’re all tracking you. And while that’s created a booming digital advertising industry, recent years have turned the conversation toward privacy and how much control users should have over their data. We know the days of the third-party cookie are numbered, so it’s time we find other ways to reach audiences online. 

Our recommendation: start investing in first-party data. This is data you gather directly from the user through your CRM, email campaigns, customer service reports, web forms and more. Collecting (and organizing) all this data does require some upfront work, but the long-term value in building a clear picture of your target is well worth it. At UPBrand, we’re already thinking beyond cookies and helping our clients do more with the data they have. And in a world where things change on a dime, knowing exactly where your marketing data comes from is a huge relief.


Instagram's Evolution


TikTok is the new hottest social media platform, and Instagram has taken notice. In a recent video, Instagram head Adam Mosseri outlined several changes coming to the platform, including a greater focus on short-form video content. This sparked backlash from some of Instagram’s biggest users, including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. 

For advertisers, this is a strong signal that video will become the more favorable ad format moving forward. If more users are engaging with video content, then static image ads will likely be ignored or go unseen by the average user. That’s why we’re working with our clients to shift more investment into video ads and content that can run on Instagram Reels, TikTok and the fast-growing YouTube Shorts. Video content is not only more engaging to users, but also more versatile as a creative medium — so you can really let your brand shine.



The Quiet Man Photography

The Quiet Man is a brand rooted in tradition, truth and honesty. No drink best represents those values than a whiskey neat. So for this social media series, we leveraged our in-house studio to produce these dramatic shots of the brand’s 8-Year Single Malt expression. Take a look — and pass a glass.

Down in Tequila Country


Behind every bottle of González family tequila is a story of passion and commitment to the craft. Earlier this year, we teamed up with Rockhouse Motion and headed down to Jalisco, Mexico, to tell that story in full. We coordinated a multi-day production that included photo and video work for the El Mayor and Dos Primos brands. That meant scheduling shoots with the busy González family — not to mention country music superstar Thomas Rhett.


All that footage gave us plenty of stories to tell for both brands. For Dos Primos, we scripted a video all about the feeling of coming home — wherever you may be. And for El Mayor, we celebrated the people and techniques that have built a brand — and crafted a legacy. 




Welcoming Macallan


Please join us in welcoming Macallan Lay as Project Manager! Macallan is the newest member of our PROPS team, which helps keep us on task and on schedule. Her project management style is defined by communication with intention, allowing her to build strong relationships with those around her while delivering successful projects. We’re thrilled to have her on board. 




“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

– Maya Angelou

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