We’re kicking off fall with great drinks, projects and people.




Temperatures might be falling outside, but our red-hot work streak shows no signs of cooling off. We’re on a roll with international brand reveals, impactful video shoots and growing our team of curious minds. But even though we keep things busy, we’re still taking time to enjoy all the festive things that come with fall like cozy sweaters, football and, of course, pumpkin everything. We all know Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is starting its annual takeover, and we love a good PSL as much as the next person, but there’s more than one way to enjoy the official flavor of fall. Check out these delicious ways to pump up your drinks.


Dos Primos Fall Harvest Mule




El Mayor Pumpkin Nog



Exotico Calavera Margarita





QR Makes a Comeback


By now, we’re all familiar with seeing QR codes out in the wild, especially when we go out to eat. Physical menus went to the wayside during COVID-19, and QR codes quickly rose up as the no-contact solution restaurants were looking for. Now, more than two years after the pandemic’s onset, it seems the codes are here to stay. And they’re not just food and drink exclusive.


Instagram now allows its users to share posts, stories or locations with a QR code. While this feature has been available for sharing profiles, this is the first time users can share individual pieces of content. As marketers, we can leverage this feature to streamline our messaging and capture attention. Want to give it a shot? Here’s our step-by-step guide.



Google’s Performance-Enhancing Campaigns


The world of digital advertising is constantly evolving, and Google is keeping pace with Performance Max: an automated campaign format designed to boost results. To find out what this means for the advertising world, we’re turning to our Associate Director of Digital Strategy, Chelsea Cepicky.  


In a few sentences, can you describe what Google Performance Max is?

Performance Max is a new Google ad type that allows you to combine your Google inventory to create better results. This includes headlines and body copy historically from search ads, imagery from display ads and video assets which are typically used for YouTube. Performance Max complements keyword-based search campaigns to help grow performance across Google’s full range of advertising channels and inventory. 


How is this different from what we’ve been doing previously?

Historically, you had to run Google ad types as separate campaigns with separate budgets. For example, Google search, display and YouTube were separate. Now, you can set a budget and a campaign with all these assets and allow the algorithm to decide what assets to show to who and when. 


What should writers and art directors watch out for?

Similar to dynamic display ads, it's important for writers to ensure that headlines and body copy go well together. With Performance Max, you add a variety of headlines and body copy, so you never know what combination will show up in the ads. For art directors, the key thing to remember is to stick with the recommended sizing and pixels to ensure images and logos show up clearly and represent your business well. 


Do you anticipate these campaigns will be more successful than other Google campaigns? Why?

Because Google is placing such a high emphasis on Performance Max Ads, I anticipate they will eventually push to make these the primary ad type as they have been relying more in automation the past several years. The one change with Performance Max ads is that because they are so heavily automated, you have fewer adjustments and levers you can modify with more traditional ad formats. We will have to monitor performance over time to get a clearer picture of how this impacts results.


Read to learn more about this transition here.



Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is an international non-profit dedicated to helping caregivers raise kids that are healthy, safe and ready learn. With an evidence-based model that uses virtual and in-home visits with a trained professional, this organization makes a lifelong impact on every family. Last year, their team approached us with an impressive ask: a full-scale rebranding that would usher in a new chapter for the organization.


We got right to work on a discovery process that included interviews with key stakeholders,
a deep dive into the organization’s history and so much more. After two years of research, collaboration and exploration, we were invited to help unveil the new identity at the annual Parents as Teachers International Conference in Denver.


Between a standing ovation from the crowd and the conference’s merch store selling out TWICE, it’s safe to say the new identity was a big hit. We also unveiled a new 30-second commercial celebrating the journey of parenthood, which prompted more than a few happy tears from the audience.

Behind The Scenes On BJC


As one of the largest nonprofit health care networks in the U.S., BJC plays an integral role in maintaining the health of our community. After yet another momentous year in public health, UPBrand was asked to help BJC reflect on 2022 in a series of videos for its 30,000+ employees across the St. Louis region. Over a four-day production, we spoke with frontline staff and BJC leadership about their experiences in an intimate interview setting.




Welcoming Rachel Booth


Say hello to our newest team member, Rachel Booth. As a brand manager, she’ll provide clients strategic guidance, keep projects on brief and help meet marketing objectives. Welcome, Rachel!


Out To The Ball Game!

This month, the UPBrand team ventured out to Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds. Hot dogs, beers and good times were in no short supply, and it was a blast getting to know a little bit more about baseball and each other.




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