Let’s call this one “The AI newsletter.” There’s been a lot of chatter around ChatGPT and other Skynet-related tools, so we figured it’s time we shared our take on it all. But we can’t let you go without sharing some fresh work and a shoutout to our Director of Production. Let’s jump in.





The AI UPRising

AI chatbots are all the rage and it started with ChatGPT, which hit open beta in November of last year. It's so smart, it can even introduce itself. Check it:

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like responses to a wide range of prompts. ChatGPT's ability to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently can help creative agencies streamline their workflow and free up more time for other important tasks.

That’s how it answered the prompt: what is ChatGPT and what can it do for creative agencies? Pretty cool, right? The internet certainly thought so. And now we’re seeing all the big players rush their own chatbots to market. Remember Bing? It’s powered by AI now.

In the creative space, some early adopting brands have already infused AI into their ads. Ryan Reynolds outsourced his Mint Mobile ads to it. Hardee’s used it to promote a new line of burgers. It feels more gimmick than strategy for now, but give it time. We see AI tools like ChatGPT as a supplement to the creative process. Let’s use it to tinker, explore and inspire — but if AI itself is the idea, it’s probably not the right idea.





Brunching with Saint Brendan’s

Over the last several years, we’ve seen weekend brunch turn into a social event where friends gather and indulge in the finer things. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of Saint Brendan’s. That was the inspiration behind our recent photoshoot for the brand, which captures all the warmth and whimsy of a boozy brunch with your friends.




Read All About It

Productions like the one above may look simple, but they’re a carefully orchestrated work of managing schedules, creators, clients and strategies. It’s a tough job. Fortunately for us, we have something other agencies don’t: Rachel Geringer. Our fearless Director of Production was recently featured in Little Black Book for a great discussion on using technology to pull off effective and efficient productions.




"Forget artificial intelligence – in the brave new world of big data, it’s artificial idiocy we should be looking out for."

Tom Chatfield, Author, Tech Philosopher

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