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That’s right — we’ve made it past winter, second winter and false spring. The good vibes are rolling here at UPBrand and we’ve got lots to share: fresh work, industry trends and the return of baseball season. Let’s jump in.





When we start talking to clients about digital ads, we often get a very specific question: You mean those annoying pop-up banners? It’s a fair question. We’ve all seen our favorite websites get bogged down with spammy, low-effort ads. But here’s the bright side: as the web gets better, so do web ads. Let’s take a look at HTML5. 


HTML is the language of the internet. Your browser translates that language into text, photos, videos — everything you see on a page. Over time, that language has become much more sophisticated. Think about a website today versus 10 years ago. HTML5 is the latest version of that language and it offers brands a lot more tools to work with for their online ads. 


Some of these tools are purely cosmetic: smooth animations, dynamic color palettes, countdown clocks, carousel effects. But others have functionality that makes ads smarter. Promoting a big event? Add a live countdown clock right on the ad. Selling a product online? Add a product collection to the ad. The real potential of HTM5 is not more ads, but better ads. Clients are always asking us, “how can we do more with less?” And as we look back on some of our most recent campaigns, HTML5 ads give us the flexibility to answer that question with confidence and data.






Back in 2021, we helped launch a tequila brand called Dos Primos, founded by country music superstar Thomas Rhett and his cousin, Jeff Worn. Since then we’ve done a lot more work with those folks, but this last project was an especially fun one. After a long slumber in bourbon barrels, Dos Primos Añejo was ready to rise and shine. And we needed to get the word out.


Thomas Rhett’s one of those people who knows people — famous people. So we tapped into that celebrity network with a custom-made launch kit that we sent to a select group. Inside, we packed a bottle of the good stuff along with some exclusive Dos Primos-branded goodies. But why should celebs have all the fun? We also set aside some kits to give away on Dos Primos social media (minus the tequila, darn liquor laws). A little giveaway went a long way as we boosted the brand’s engagement numbers and made a couple lucky fans very happy.





There’s no day like Opening Day in St. Louis. Even miles away from Busch Stadium, people are dreaming of ballpark hot dogs and an ice-cold beer. It’s also an official UPBrand holiday, so we cut out early to head down to the stadium and join all the fun. Sure, the Cardinals didn’t bring home a win — but enjoying a spring day together outside the office is a W in our books.




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