You know how the saying goes. The last few months have been busy and we’re grateful to be on the other side of winter. But the summer season shenanigans are just getting started. Late spring and early summer are a natural indicator of renewal, making this season the perfect time to reaffirm our purpose as a creative agency. Let’s take a look at the bright side.





A lone wolf sitting in his mom’s basement is glued to the screen, his fingers dusted with Doritos and his teeth stained with Mountain Dew. When we say “gamer,” this is usually the idea that comes to mind. But research suggests these stereotypes don’t hold up. In fact, the gaming audience is both diverse and growing, spanning a wide range of ages and nearly equal in male and female players. 


So what does gaming have to do with advertising? Turns out, games are expensive to make and in-game advertising is set up for a major growth spurt in 2023. As more game developers build advertising options into their games, brands have an opportunity to drive awareness in a way that feels organic to the games they’re already playing. Fast Company reported that over the next generation, hundreds of millions of new players will emerge, creating a seismic shift in the advertising industry. 


As a creative agency, we thrive on letting our imaginations run wild. But we also know that in order to get results, we have to understand a brand’s audience and implement that understanding to drive successful creative campaigns. It’s easy to be dismissive of the possibilities of in-game advertising and shrug off gamers as just another stereotype. But the research shows promise and opportunity, meaning we have to go a step further to meet audiences where they are.






The BJC Institute for Learning and Development (BILD) is a one-stop shop for career pathing and professional development at BJC. It’s a great resource available to any and all BJC employees, but the numbers showed awareness and utilization rates were low. So BJC asked us to start from the beginning, with a series of explainer videos that would play during every new employee orientation. Right away, we knew the challenge: how do you break through the noise of an all-day orientation and create memorability? Break the fourth wall.

We responded with fun, upbeat videos that spoke directly to the audience and connected their current position with a world of possibility. We also didn’t want to overstay our welcome, so we focused the scripts to take advantage of a shorter runtime by focusing on why BILD matters, rather than the nuts and bolts of how it works. Knowing that most of the orientation would feature on-stage presenting and live-action video, we opted for an animation approach that ensured BILD’s videos would immediately capture attention — and we hear audiences agreed. See the videos for yourself here.





The writer of this email recently took a two-week vacation to Italy. What this writer failed to consider is that UPBranders love pranks. So a couple of our more mischievous folks got to thinking: what does he hate more than anything? Being left out. And so a scheme was hatched: trick the writer into thinking there was a big team-wide outing to TopGolf without him. Inside jokes were crafted, a team photo was staged — it all seemed very believable. That is, until the weekly team meeting, when they clued him in on the joke and reassured him that absolutely no fun was had while he was out of the office.




"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"

Henry David Thoreau

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