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We are interested in how virtual events lead to new knowledge, collaboration and action for our cities.
Please would you take 7 minutes to let us know how RISE Africa has contributed (or not) to your thinking and work.
Nous sommes intéressés par la manière dont les événements virtuels conduisent à de nouvelles connaissances, collaborations et actions pour nos villes. Pourriez-vous prendre 7 minutes pour nous dire comment RISE Africa a contribué (ou non) à votre réflexion et à votre travail?
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THEME | Futures literacy and decolonising knowledge systems
How research, teaching and learning in tertiary institutions can drive improved local governance in South Africa
by Kobie Brand, Paul Currie and Meggan Spires 
Playing in the Gap: Re-Futuring African Cities
by Geci Karuri-Sebina and Thiresh Govender


  Building Capacity for Circular Economy Innovation - Webinar Series 
The transition to a circular economy is no longer negotiable for African cities given the sustainability issues around the linear “take-make-waste” model. This requires building enabling and innovative capacities to assist businesses and cities to tackle challenges and harness opportunities to unlock the growth of the circular economy in African cities. The series addresses the question of how or what is needed to support small businesses and entrepreneurs to innovate for circular development. The series comprises seven ‘episodes’ which will explore a different need:

- Entrepreneurial ecosystem: from idea to implementation
- Leveraging partnerships for circular development
- Financing for circular innovation
- Supply chain management: key barriers and opportunities
to unlock the circular economy
- Platforms for circular innovation support
- Policies and legislation for circular economy innovation
- Circular economy in an ideal world



Circular Business Showcase - 30 November 2021
“Events like [this] are important to showcase that there is more to the circular economy than environmental protection. It makes economic sense through resources and material efficiency, jobs and new growth created with innovative products and services.”
- Anne Lammila, Ambassador of Finland to RSA
ICLEI Africa, SU Launch Lab and the Embassy of Finland to South Africa, as part of the ACE Africa Project hosted a Circular Business Showcase on 30 November 2021. Enthusiastic and excited entrepreneurs were given an opportunity to share their businesses and ideas in front of a 3-judge panel, which included Joanna Bingham (Footprints Africa), Paul Currie (ICLEI Africa) and Paul Rowett (Serial entrepreneur) who all have expertise in the circular economy and/or business development.

Circular businesses offer circular economy solutions that can positively affect consumer and production behavior. Some of the entrepreneurs developed circular businesses that respond to experiences that affect them directly, including issues of access to shelter and electricity, as well as food loss. Two businesses responded to a waste problem emanating from daily coffee consumption, creating a sustainable solution to waste from a beverage many of us depend on daily.
The showcase included a monetary prize for businesses and ideas showcased.
Winners of the Existing Business category included:

First Place: Biha Eco Venture - Reduce, and reuse waste by transforming plastics into alternative green products
Second Place: Cup - Use spent coffee grounds to provide regenerative agriculture solutions
Third Place: Kudoti - Support waste recovery and reuse by digitising waste supply chains across entire value chains
Winners of the Idea category included:

First Place: Smart Eco Highway - Rethink electricity production by recycling electronic waste and generating electricity from heat stored in road infrastructure
Second Place: Banana Fibers Seed Bags - Rethink plastic use by providing eco-friendly banana fibers seed bags as an alternative
Third Place: Green Rewards - Rewards consumers for purchasing eco-labelled goods and recycling products
The ACE Africa project team is excited to undertake an incubation journey with Circular Businesses committed to circular innovation in climate, food, and health in 2022.



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