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NetworkNature EU

The NetworkNature EU platform has officially launched! The new platform will host the latest nature-based solutions research, best practice, news, events and resources.

Realising the Urban Opportunity: Cities and Post-2020 Biodiversity Governance

This paper first sets out the important role that cities can and must play in a transformative agenda for the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). It consider the specific ways in which the GBF needs to embed and enable urban action.

Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Climate Action

This guide explores how governments can take action and identifies municipal authorities’ role in ensuring developments in coastal urban areas integrate ecosystem-based measures.




United Nations Environment Programme: 2020 Adaptation Gap Report

14 January 2021 - UNEP launched the 5th edition of the Adaptation Gap Report, which emphasizes the role of nature-based solutions in addressing challenges, such as climate change, human well-being and biodiversity loss.

"The majority of  temperature related risks relate to urban cases, which are mitigated through green spaces, trees, and green and blue infrastructure, all of which have cooling effects."

The Khalifa Award Report: Bridging Boundaries
How can bio-regional collaboration convert the date palm industry into a successful model of the bio-circular economy

The UAE government launched the "360 Bio-Circular Economy Acceleration" initiative in 2019. Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation promotes this concept in the date palm sector.

City of Los Angeles Presents “L.A. City Biodiversity Index” in New Report

The new report presents the framework for an LA City Biodiversity Index and an approach for measuring urban habitat quality and connectivity in Los Angeles. It also includes a number of biodiversity case studies that serve as emerging models for biodiversity stewardship in Los Angeles.

City of Urbana Awarded Grant to Investigate Disparities in Street Trees

A new Sustainable Drainage System (SUDs) enabled park opened in Manchester, part of the H2020 funded GrowGreen project, which aims to demonstrate how green infrastructure and nature-based solutions will produce climate resilience, environmental, social, and health and wellbeing outcomes and benefits.



Keeping you up to date on key moments for biodiversity in the Post-2020 process



Post-2020 webinars

ICLEI continues to host its monthly Post-2020 webinar series to keep our constituency of cities and regions up to date on the unfolding participatory process on the roadmap to CBD COP 15. To join our upcoming webinar on 4 February 2021, see the registration link below.



Keeping you up to date with interesting publications and news from our partners and network




One Planet Summit Sets Hopeful Tone for 2021 on Nature and Climate



This high level Summit, held on 13 January 2021, focused on transforming our economic systems in a way that restores nature and adapts to the climate. Several initiatives, including Terra Carta, a private sector initiative, were announced at the Summit.



Rethinking The Urban Contract

In partnership with the Centre for Conscious Design, the Salzburg Global Seminar hosted a webinar on 30 January on the impacts that Covid-19 has had on how we live, especially in cities. This interactive, collaborative, and serendipitous webinar created provocations on the post-pandemic city.

New Urban Community launched on PANORAMA Solutions

The PANORAMA platform now has some 128 Sustainable Urban Development and Resilience solutions from cities across the world, covering a diverse range of topics ranging from ecosystem restoration, to species conservation, urban agriculture and more.

Benefits of ecosystem restoration

Restoring our planet’s imperiled ecosystems is the foremost nature-based solution toward meeting local and national priorities such as food and water security, climate change, the biodiversity and land degradation crises, and ultimately achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Launch of platform to accelerate the European way of living through digital transformation

13 Jan 2021 - The platform was launched during the CITYxCITY Festival and creates the conditions to upscale digital solutions based on iconic projects. The platform will enable Cities & Regions to work together on societal challenges with the help of digital solutions.

Forests Near Or Far Can Protect Water For Cities

This useful article published shows how cities strive to provide secure access to clean, safe and affordable water, and emphasizes forests’ importance in protecting water.

Climate Resilience: Dublin Responds With Nature-Based Solutions

The effects of climate change are already significantly impacting Dublin City, and are expected to increase in frequency and intensity in the future. To tackle these challenges, the city has developed several policies and action plans to strengthen its climate resilience

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