From faith to faith…

Since 1999 Liberation Ministries has been supported financially by many wonderful partners.  It has been a great faith adventure on our part and that of our partners.

When we started, to honour the Lord, we pledged to give 10% of whatever monies were donated to LM to other worthy ministries like ‘Che Roga Orphanage’ in Paraguay. (That was before we paid for any expenses for ministry like travel, telephone, office expenses etc., which takes nearly 50% of our partners giving.)

In recent years, by faith, we have gradually increased our giving to 15%, supporting in a small way, ten different ministries that are dear to our hearts.  We have tried to follow Jesus principle of, “Give and it shall be given unto you.”

The challenge to ourselves and to our partners is… will we allow God to increase our faith by giving more?


Some of our faithful partners have given LM £10 per month since we launched in 1999 and never stopped over all those years and for that we are extremely grateful.

Others of course have regularly given much larger sums than £10.  Yet some who read this letter, although you support us in prayer, have never considered giving to LM   as you already support other great causes.

Why not step out and in an act of faith, sow into our ministry and sow into your own spiritual growth and prosperity, by giving a one off gift, or regular monthly giving or increase what you are already giving?

The biggest issue for us every time is, what does our Heavenly Dad want us to do?

If you would like sow into our ministry either a one-off gift or regular monthly giving

You can click on this link & give through PayPal on our Partnership page on our website

 or you can send a cheque to Liberation Ministries at the address below or by BACS at:

name: EFGA Liberation Ministries - Sort code: 30-91-87 -  account: 03819598

May you go from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory
with our love
Brian and Vanessa


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