It is with immense gratitude that I write to all our friends, sponsors, supporters, partners and co-elephant carers. What we have achieved this year would not have been possible without your inputs.  A very special thanks to the OAK Foundation and the USFWS for their continued financial support.

Joining forces with WildlifeVets, we collared 20 elephants this year across Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, examined one of our blind study animals in the hope of finding a cure and helped another large bull recover from a near-fatal injury. We identified approximate 400 new individuals as part of our ID study, surveyed over 3000 trees for elephant impact, monitored vulture/raptor nest survival rates in response to elephant impact to trees, installed 25 new Beepak hives to protect large trees, ran children’s educational programs, had three international students complete their projects, and participated in films, media reports and successful fundraiser events.  In addition, two scientific articles were published this year, numerous popular articles and presentations delivered.

Our small but devoted Elephants Alive team, wish you all a warm and wonderful Festive Season with friends and family.

To our gentle grey friends who are at the heart of all our efforts, may we as humans strive to secure your future in wild places for you to fill with pachyderm pleasure!

Warm greetings,

Dr. Michelle Henley
Director and Principal Researcher, Elephants Alive


Our mission is to ensure the survival of elephants and their habitats and to promote harmonious co-existence between man and elephants.


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